Who plays Penny in The Big Bang Theory and where is she now?

Everyone knows the Joker, but luckily his psychiatrist and now-girlfriend, Harley Quinn, has been given more leeway in recent years. Sure, Margot Robbie plays the character in projects like Birds of Prey, but Cuoco is Robbie’s animated counterpart, voicing the scathing villain in the Max original series Harley Quinn. After spending years on network television, which is highly sanitized, it’s oddly refreshing to hear Cuoco spout constant profanity and watch her destroy her cartoon enemies in the most brutal and gory manner imaginable.

The best thing about Harley Quinn, however, is that it’s an unabashedly feminist queer story, narrated by Harley and her now-girlfriend Poison Ivy, and voiced by Lake Bell. The series begins with Harley eventually leaving the Joker (Alan Tudyk, who provides a whole host of voices for the series) in the rearview mirror, realizing she’s more powerful without him, and attempting to break into the Injustice League. Eventually, Harley and Ivy get together, and their love story is like nothing else on TV—and given Harley Quinn, it is Also Produced by Yes, Norman, it’s clear that Cuoco’s creative control extends far beyond her voice talents, and she’s working to bring greater representation to television.

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