Who plays Young Reacher in Amazon’s Reacher series?

It’s no secret that Reacher star Alan Ritchson, the producers and the writers all tinkered with the character before deciding what the final on-screen version would look like. Once that goal was achieved, the next task was to work with Maxwell Jenkins to figure out how to translate what they came up with for today’s Jack Reacher into his younger self.

After discussing the title character, Jenkins and the others came to an intriguing conclusion. “We came to the conclusion that Reacher was like a crocodile. He sits, listens, waits and only moves when the time is right,” the actor said in an interview with Pop-Culturalist. With that realization in mind, Jenkins then discussed how he made sure his take on young Reacher matched what Ritchson was bringing to the table. “I spent a lot of time looking at Alan’s work dailies,” he said. “I also watched some of the audition videos and chemistry reads that Alan Reacher was in. he is so good I was just trying to study the way he moved and the expressions and gestures he used and tried to integrate that into my physicality.”

The young Reacher added: “It’s been a great collaboration. Alan is amazing and I loved giving context to the story he told as Reacher.”

All of Jenkins’ and everyone else’s hard work on the show seems to be paying off as she has been given another season to progress in the book series. If the young actor continues the trend of properly preparing for roles, there’s a good chance it won’t be his last turn as a young reacher to impress viewers.

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