Who told Lula that the attack on Moro planned by the PCC was a “setup”? – 03/25/2023

“For me, coincidences do not exist. There is no inconsequential coincidence, and I repeat: any coincidence has the finger of God or the devil”.

(Nelson Rodrigues, genius playwright and popular philosopher).


In footballese, “playing against the heritage” is scoring an own goal. This is what Lula has been doing the most in recent days, the last of which when he stated: “I think it’s another set up by Moro”, commenting on the former judge’s return to the limelight, after seeing his name involved in investigations into a CCP’s revenge plan to kidnap and kill several officials.

With the right to teleprompter and all-white background in Jornal Nacional, Sergio Moro took the opportunity of his re-entry on the scene to play the victim of a government conspiracy and accuse Lula of putting his life and that of his family at risk. Until that day, he was forgotten, ostracized in a lonely seat in the Senate.

That Lula has been talking too much, without brakes and without proof, we all agree, but I got several fleas behind my ear with this story.

“I found out that the judge wasn’t even active when she gave him her opinion. I’m not going to attack anyone without having proof and, if it’s another set-up, he’ll be even more unmasked,” said Lula, in Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro. de Janeiro, at a ceremony at the Navy, in the midst of a day full of commitments.

The judge the president is referring to is Gabriela Hardt, from the now famous 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, the same one who helped Moro send Lula to prison in 2018, taking him out of the presidential campaign, when he was a clear favorite, and opening path for the arrival of the extreme right to power, in a major operation that involved politicians opposed to the PT and military personnel, such as General Villas Bôas. Afterwards, as we know, Moro would become Bolsonaro’s Minister of Justice. All coincidence?

Who, after all, told Lula to “find out” that the inclusion of the former judge’s name in Federal Police investigations was a “framework” by Moro himself? Would it be an “inside information” from the security agencies to the president? In this case, Lula should name the source and show the evidence. The way he said it, he just belittled the republican work of the Federal Police and its Minister of Justice, the competent Flávio Dino, who saved the life of a sworn enemy of the president and his government.

Or was it just Lula’s inference in light of the antecedents of the pair of magistrates from Curitiba? Only the president himself can answer these questions. In another coincidence, on the same day, Hardt removed the secrecy of the investigations into the PCC, which provided Moro with his counterattack against Lula.

Just as the 13th Court of Curitiba had no competence to judge Lula’s cases in Lava Jato, according to a decision by the Federal Supreme Court, now the entry of Gabriela Hardt in the PCC case is also being questioned.

The doubt was raised by Conjur, the country’s most renowned legal consulting website, which heard jurists to reach the conclusion that “the Federal Court of Paraná is not competent to conduct the investigation into the alleged plan to kidnap Senator Sergio Moro ( Union Brazil / PR).

And, in this case, as the investigations into the PCC were opened in São Paulo, the case should be with the São Paulo Justice, says Conjur, who heard, among others, Afrânio da Silva Jardim, a retired professor of Criminal Procedural Law at the University of State of Rio de Janeiro and Ruy Lopes Junior, Professor of Criminal Procedural Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul.

The new imbroglio between Lula and Moro, which only interests the former judge, began with an interview by the president on TV 247, on the eve of the PF operation, in which the president said he would take revenge on his tormentor by proving his innocence, and the called it “shit”. It was enough to mix everything in the same basket and transform Lula from a victim into Moro’s executioner in Bolsonarist networks.

The lesson that remains for the government from all this is that President Lula should stop talking about facts and characters from the past and center his speeches and interviews on the projects and programs of his third government, which is about to complete 100 days, and still it is mired in internal disputes in the allied base over the direction of the economy and in relations with Congress.

On the way back from his trip to China, Lula needs to tidy up the palace kitchen and put order in the government’s political articulation and social communication, not being able to be the only spokesperson, not to lose his voice, as happened this week.

Life goes on.


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