Who’s Reuniting And Who’s Splitting On ‘Temptation Island’? Final Bonfire Time!

The time has finally come to see what couples will reunite and pick up where they left off and who’s going home either alone or with a new partner on “Temptation Island.”

This week, viewers got to see two of the couples reunite and talk through all they’ve learned while on the island at their final bonfires – Chris and Marisela and Rob and Vanessa.

Chris And Marisela Decide Whether Or Not They Are Going To Stay Together

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Before it was time to face Marisela at the final bonfire, Chris said he can see himself in a relationship with Alexius in the future.

“I did not want to come, however, I wanted to support Marisela and her reason for coming here,” Chris explained. “I wanted to propose to her at the end of this but my journey took a sharp turn after the third bonfire. I saw another man in Marisela’s bed. In that moment, I detached myself and focused entirely on my individual journey instead of taking this process as operating as a union.”

Marisela also shared her thoughts before seeing Chris at the bonfire.

“I have struggled with low self-esteem and depression for a long time and those things I never wanted to admit, not even to myself,” she said. “I’m leaving a different woman and I didn’t think that was possible.”

She said she was ready to face Chris and to speak her mind and her truth.

“I’m feeling strong. I’m feeling powerful. I feel like a bad b***h,” she said. “I feel like my life is all about me.”

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After reuniting for the first time since arriving on the island, they both had their chance to say what they needed to without interruption, then have a conversation where they could ask any questions they may have, and then they had to decide if they want to stick with this relationship, go home alone, or leave with the person they connected with while on the island.

Chris went first and said that their relationship lacked emotional vulnerability and true feelings. He also told her that it “broke” him to see her in bed with another man. He apologized for his part in all of it and said he just wants her to be happy even if it’s without him.

Marisela said she learned a lot just being in this experience. She expected to be able to prove to Chris that she’s good enough. She said she didn’t feel good enough and that she didn’t have a voice in the relationship. She explained that she was depressed and had low self-esteem, and that it’s been freeing for her being here.

When it was time to ask some questions, she wanted to know why he didn’t send her a video message. He said it was because he saw a clip of her in bed with another man.

They both expressed their newfound happiness. He said he will love her forever and she said she’s finally found herself and has let go of the things holding her back.

Decision time! Chris said he chooses to leave the island with his new connection, Alexius. Marisela said she chooses herself and will be leaving the island solo. After Marisela exited smiling, Alexius was brought to the bonfire to see if she wanted to leave with Chris.

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Chris told Alexius that he’s healing from his breakup and that he wants them to be exclusive. He asked her to leave the island with him and she said, “Of course I will.”

Vanessa And Rob Started Off Their Bonfire On A High Note…

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Before heading into the bonfire, Vanessa explained, “The breath completely leaves my lungs at the thought of him leaving with someone else.” She said that 10% of her feels prepared for the worst to happen.

Rob said that his heart and head are in a battle.

“My heart and head are pulling me in two different ways because my head is telling me leave Vanessa, she’s toxic,” he said. But his heart says he’s in love with her, and he’s hoping to see some positive change in her during the bonfire.

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Vanessa was all smiles when she saw Rob. Rob went first and said that she strives for more and pulls that out of him but despite that, there are some issues in their relationship.

“You constantly talk over me,” he said. “I hate arguing.” He also said, “This should be a partnership 50/50.” He explained that resentment has built up over time because of how she won’t ever take accountability, but he also fully understands that he also causes problems in the relationship and that he’s learned how to better express his emotions while on the island.

Vanessa then thanked him for sharing and said it sounds like he’s found clarity and is right about a lot of the things he’s shared. She explained that while on the island, she was seeking emotional availability and Brice served his purpose in that area. She also said that she didn’t get intimate with him because she loves and respects Rob.

“I need to work on my approach. I didn’t tell anyone in the villa what you thought of me,” she said. She said others had the same perspective as Rob, and that helped her accomplish the work she came to do and is now ready to be a better woman.

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Then things took a wild turn. Vanessa asked him if he slept in the same bed at Desiree and he said yes. That’s when she flipped out and walked off screaming.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next week to find out if these two are going to work on their relationship together when they leave the island or give up completely.

“Temptation Island” airs on USA Network on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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