Why a teenage student from posh Delhi school planned a bomb scam

'Just for fun': Why a teenage student at posh Delhi school planned a bomb scam

The Delhi Public School student told police he planned the prank “just for fun”.

New Delhi:

Days after a top Delhi school received a bomb threat, police said it was a hoax email sent by one of its students.

Police said the threatening email was sent to Mathura Road Delhi Public School (DPS) by a 16-year-old student who “just wanted to have fun”.

The student said during a police advisory session that he planned the prank “just for fun” and that he came up with the idea after a hoax threat was received at the Indian School in Sadiq Nagar in Delhi.

On Wednesday, the school received a threatening email claiming that a bomb had been planted on its premises, prompting police to evacuate and disinfect the school.

However, no suspicious object was found at the school during the police search.

Police discovered during their investigation that the email ID from which the email was received was linked to the underage student.

“As a minor, the student was neither arrested nor interrogated. We advised him,” officials said.

A similar incident was reported in The Indian School last month. The school was evacuated when the bomb squad and other authorities checked the premises for explosive substances. The email was later declared a hoax.

The accused in the case has yet to be determined.

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