Why David Tennant Compares Good Omens To Carrying A Vase Across A Minefield

David Tennant broke into public consciousness when he took up the role of the Tenth Doctor on the long-running BBC science-fiction series “Doctor Who.” Since then, he’s been a staple of fandom culture, having appeared in projects like Marvel’s “Jessica Jones,” where he played the manipulative villain Killgrave, and the widely praised detective series “Broadchurch.” So, when he joined “Good Omens” to portray Crowley, a grumpy demon with a soft heart, he wasn’t new to embodying a character with a preexisting fan base.

Tennant’s comments about carrying a Ming vase across a minefield ahead of “Good Omens” Season 1 show how he didn’t want to take something people already loved and break it in the process. But luckily for everyone involved, fans of the novel embraced the streaming series enthusiastically. Tennant attributes its success to novel author Neil Gaiman’s close involvement with the project. “I guess we were helped by the fact that we had Neil Gaiman with us, so you couldn’t really quibble too much with the decisions that were being made,” Tennant mused to Variety. “The reception was, and continues to be, overwhelming.”

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