Why do we take on more work if we are already overworked?

Be honest: how have you been feeling about your obligations, motherhood, relationships and work? Overloaded? Do you get the impression that you won’t be able to handle all the tasks?

For me, yes. The feeling of not being able to take it anymore has been with me for a long time. How do we solve this?

A recent physical breakdown made me think, rethink and write about the chaotic and exhausted moment I’m living. Never before in my life history have I felt so tired and at the same time so sad. It even seems that exhaustion and sadness go hand in hand in the dead of night and come back to get me every time I try to rest.

By the way, to rest is a verb that I have a lot of difficulty conjugating. I don’t rest even in my dreams and, even when I have a day, two or three left to stretch my body and enjoy a relaxing moment, my mind comes back to torment me and starts telling me that I shouldn’t be resting with so much to do. I feel guilty, and the moment to enjoy the day turns into a storm.

Some days I feel exhausted in the middle of the afternoon, the headaches are constant, my menstrual periods are the worst possible, the emotional outburst has made me put on weight and the aesthetic pressure I experience as a woman who works with image turns me into a crazy woman who hates herself when she sees herself in the mirror or on the screen.

Tell me the truth: did you identify with anything I told here? I know that the suffering is not mine alone. Exhaustion, which was already a constant complaint among women, seems to have increased even more in the post-pandemic.

If so, it’s worth looking for a doctor, a psychologist, a professional to help you deal with this situation. What I want, with this text, is to draw your attention to the fact that you need to take care of yourself so that suffering does not bring you a very large bill up front.

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