Why I need to start a 9-5 job — Korra Obidi reveals

Korra Obidi addresses the issue of remarriage

Korra Obidi, a US-based dancer and singer, has shared on Facebook her plan to start a traditional 9-5 job in response to the development.

The entertainer, who has over 7 million followers on the blue app, is known to have made significant revenue from it by the time events seem to be taking a negative turn.

Recall that she recently spoke out on social media about the monetization option being removed from her site after a group of people she claimed were fans of her ex-husband reported about it.

The mother-of-two recently announced in a live broadcast that Facebook and Instagram have decided to stop paying content creators for Reels.

She added that her live videos are currently no longer monetized and America plans to ban TikTok. According to Korra Obidi, this could result in her resorting to a 9-5 job to survive.

“Did they see something?” Korra Obidi screams in shock after carelessly spreading her legs during a live video

professional dancer, Korra Obidi She apparently experienced one of the biggest shocks of her life after accidentally flaunting her panties on the internet during a Facebook Live session with her older sister, Nancy Umeh.

The two siblings, who had a blast together while Nancy braided Umeh Korra’s hair, ended up in a different and strange situation down the line.

In the video, Korra Obidi went to get some mangoes, but when she returned to the location, she wasn’t conscious enough to maintain an appropriate position, so she revealed her underwear to the camera.

Upon realizing it, the US-based singer cried out in shock.

“Jesus, you saw my pants,” she said.

Korra Obidi then put on a sad and worried face, but was cheered up by her sister, who convinced her that it was nothing to worry about.

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