Why Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield gave away their Golden Retriever

Melissa Gilbert and her husband Timothy Busfield have always had dogs. They currently have a rescue dog named Chicago, and who can forget that? Little house on the prairie Actor‘S little bulldog Josephine, the inspiration for her children’s book Daisy and Josephine. But the couple used to have a golden retriever named Chevy. Because of this, they felt it best to place the dog in a new home.

Melissa Gilbert with her dog Josephine.
Melissa Gilbert and Dog Josephine | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

How Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield came to adopt Chevy

Today Gilbert and Busfield live in the Catskills. Before that, however, they lived in Michigan, Busfield’s home state. It was a welcome change for Gilbert, who had lived her whole life in the Hollywood fast lane. She was ready for something quieter and slower. That is exactly what Michigan has provided. While living in Michigan, the couple adopted a golden retriever, Chevy, from their friends, the Smiths.

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