Why SGLT2 inhibitors provide particularly comprehensive help in diabetes

The number of type 2 diabetes patients has been increasing for years.
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SGLT2 inhibitors have multiple effects on blood and sugar circulation. They work so well that the time until dialysis is extended by years.

DDiabetes mellitus is a common disease. According to an extensive population-based survey and examination of almost 15,000 people as part of the Gutenberg Health Study, which was initiated by scientists from the University of Mainz, 8 percent of people suffer from type 2 of the disease. You do not lack insulin, but rather the effect of the hormone is insufficient, doctors call it insulin resistance.

The resulting high glucose levels damage the lining of blood vessels. As a result, those affected are threatened by diseases of the circulatory system, the heart and, above all, the kidneys. The coronary vessels around the heart muscle are usually severely damaged, and the risk of cardiac output being restricted is two to five times higher than in people without diabetes. The kidneys also suffer from damage to the blood vessels: the complex microarchitecture of the functional units of the kidneys, the so-called nephrons, is usually affected. Kidney function is impaired in up to 40 percent of all diabetics.

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