Why the podcasting pastor sounds so familiar

In an interview with Yahoo! Bill Hader explained the reasons for Barry’s favorite podcast and the various other talents that have appeared on it. “He’s just looking for things that are right, murder is a sin, and he has to go through the wormhole to find this ex-hockey player who’s kind of a pastor,” Hader explained. He then affirmed the distinctive voice that brought Anglo to life. “By the way, this is Bill Burr, he’s Pastor Nick.”

Incidentally, Hader hired a number of Saturday Night Live alumni and key members who also helped bring Barry to life. Hader revealed, “The first pastor is our composer, Dave Wingo, and the second pastor is James Austin Johnson from ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and they’ve all done a great job.” Wingo has composed the series’ music since the premiere, and though he Not an actor by trade, he also appeared in the Robert Pattinson film Damsel. Johnson is more recognizable — he’s known for his impressions of Donald Trump and Joe Biden on SNL. When “Barry” returns next week, you can see if there are any more surprise cameos planned.

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