Why Was Johnny Mims Arrested? Alabama Band Director Tased for Refusing to Stop Playing






In recent times, a name has been surfacing over internet sites. Yes, you are right we are talking about Johnny Mims and it is coming out that he was arrested for refusing to perform at the football game. He is a High School band director of Alabama who has been arrested after refusing to stop playing for the crowd and tased on a football field Thursday. After coming out of this news, lots of people are hitting online sites and platforms to learn more about Johnny. So, continue your reading to know every single piece of information about himself and this incident.Various rumors are flowing on the internet that explain this incident but many are still confused after reaching the sites. Here we are going to share all the details in an easy way that helps you to understand this theory. According to the sources, this incident unfolded on a football field in Alabama where Johnny Mims faced a tasing by the police after refusing to halt his band’s performance for the crowd. He is the band director at Minor High School and now facing charges for refusing the performance of his band. Swipe up this page and continue your reading to know more.Why Was Johnny Mims Arrested?After this incident, he was arrested and faces several charges including disorderly conduct, harassment, and resisting arrest. He was arrested after the end of this match due to his insistence on encouraging his teenage band members to continue playing for a long period after this match. The Jefferson County Schools Superintendent also shared a statement on Saturday 16 September 2023 regarding this incident and this statement was issued by Dr. Walter Gonsoulin. This incident and his arrest happened when the police sought to clear the Jackson-Olin High School stadium but he refused and allowed his teenage member to continue the band performance for long.After the request to close their performance by the police, he purportedly directed his students to persist with their music. Regrettably, he denied the police requests and orders to stop and the Birmingham Police Department took him under custody. It all ends after his arrest and the investigation is still ongoing. He is facing charges for his crime and our sources continue to fetch the exact details about this incident. We will update our article after getting more details related to this incident. Stay linked with dekhnews.com to get more articles on the latest news topics.

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