Why Was Logan Echolls Killed & Was It Planned All Along?

In talking with Entertainment Tonight, Rob Moore makes it clear he did not make the decision to kill Logan Echolls lightly. More importantly, he insisted on being upfront with the “Veronica Mars” cast and crew once the decision was made. “I didn’t surprise anyone with it,” he said. “Kristen knew that was the plan. [Executive producer] Diane Ruggiero-Wright, who I’ve worked with on the show since episode two, knew it was the plan.”

He also re-iterated that Logan’s death had been on his mind for a while, as he believes the only way the series and Veronica herself could truly evolve was in his absence. “Honestly, it had been going around in my head for years that that should be the course,” he noted. “For writing a badass noir detective, it just feels funny to then write that with the boyfriend or a husband.”

Moore added that he felt freeing Veronica up from romantic entanglements was intended to be a big part of opening up the show’s narrative possibilities in future seasons, if only because such longterm romantic plot lines can become tiresome, saying, “It’s that it’s less interesting drama moving forward.” Moore clearly had the future on his mind, adding, “If we wanted to keep doing ‘Veronica Mars’ episodes — and Kristen has said she will do this show until it’s ‘Murder, She Wrote’  I wanted to do it with Veronica as a single woman.” Sadly, it seems Season 5 of “Veronica Mars” may never happen, meaning fans may never get to see what Veronica’s life is like without Logan.

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