Why was The Resident terminated?

A report from TVLine on the ending of “The Resident” notes that some fans had reason to believe the series was already over in March 2023, when a Georgia company announced it was launching a “major medical designer closet clearance ” for sale. Although information about the event never explicitly referenced The Resident, fans happened to recognize some of the props from the show when they were sold.

Prior to this near-confirmation of The Resident’s final ending, co-creator Amy Holden Jones told TVLine that the Season 6 finale is deliberately being played out in a way that it can always serve as a series finale if needed. Additionally, Jones claimed that’s the case with the final episode of each season, suggesting the prospect of Fox canceling The Resident has always hovered over its production.

So the writing has been hanging on the wall for some time, between Jones describing the conclusion of each season as a possible ending and March’s liquidation sale effectively marking the end of the show.

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