Why you won’t be seeing Chrissy Teigen on Real Housewives anytime soon

Chrissy Teigen had admitted she’s a fan of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, telling Andy Cohen, “I love everything about it, obviously I love watching the show.” That doesn’t mean that though she really wants to appear on it.

As a fan, Teigen has some reservations about how she would come across, recalling that she knows too much and might come across as “too fan-girly,” she explained to Cohen. But there’s also the fact that she doesn’t like the bickering and drama that has become synonymous with the reality TV series. “I don’t like fights, I really don’t. I would cry a lot!” Teigen confessed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. When the host suggested that she could skip the fights and be the funny girl, Teigen stated that fans don’t like the “funny girl” and that she would know because she was one of them.

Cohen isn’t the only one disappointed that he’ll never see the celebrity on Bravo’s program. As reported by TMZ, Kyle Richards, an original cast member of the series, chose Teigen to replace fellow cast member Lisa Rinna after her departure. Richards co-star Erika Giradi echoed that sentiment, telling TMZ, “It would be great. She’s cool, I like Chrissy.” But Teigen reiterated to Cohen that for now, they’re just watching the show become.

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