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Eleanor Kerrigan: Wiki, Bio, Age, Wrestling, Comedy, Net Worth, Husband, Joe Roagan, Height, Ethnicity, Family, Parents, Young, Standup, Date of Birth: Eleanor Kerrigan is a talented actress renowned for her roles in various projects such as “Women of Wrestling” (2000), “Entourage” (2004), and “Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers” (2020).

Who is Eleanor Kerrigan?

Eleanor Kerrigan is a talented and funny woman who honed her comedic skills at the renowned Comedy Store. Initially working as a waitress, she made the best comedians in the country laugh while toiling away in the club’s kitchen. It took several years and the encouragement of her devoted fan, Andrew Dice Clay, for Eleanor to finally step onto the stage herself. Their collaboration in “Dice Undisputed” led to Dice inviting Eleanor to join him on a promotional tour. Eleanor Kerrigan, known for her roles in “Women of Wrestling,” “Entourage,” and “Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers,” is an actress with a vibrant personality and a promising career.

Eleanor Kerrigan Height, Weight & Age:

While details about Eleanor Kerrigan’s age, date of birth, weight, and height are not available, she is known for her talent as an actress and comedian. Her precise measurements and personal information have not been disclosed publicly. However, Eleanor Kerrigan continues to captivate audiences with her humor and has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her age, height, weight, and other personal details remain undisclosed as of now.

Eleanor Kerrigan Education:

Eleanor Kerrigan’s educational journey began with attending an all-girls Catholic high school, where she received her formal education. In the evenings, she enjoyed watching the news with her mother and entertained her by reenacting some of the newsreels, showcasing her comedic talent at a young age. After completing high school, she pursued her passion for acting and enrolled in the Joanne Baron / D. W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica, California. This studio provided her with the necessary training and guidance to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

Eleanor Kerrigan Family:

Eleanor Kerrigan

Eleanor J Kerrigan was born into an Irish-Catholic family in America. Her father, a former marine, owned a typewriter store, while her mother, a former secretary, dedicated her time to raising their large family. Eleanor is the eighth child among ten siblings and grew up in a modest three-room house in South Philadelphia, where her mother still resides today. She has six brothers named Tommy, Jimmy, Johnnie, Charlie, and Billy, and two sisters named Karen and Kathleen. In 2003, Eleanor had a romantic relationship with her co-star Andrew Dice Clay, but details beyond that are not specified.

Eleanor Kerrigan Career:

Eleanor Kerrigan’s career has been marked by her journey as a talented comedian and actress. Starting as a waitress at the renowned Comedy Store, she immersed herself in the world of comedy, making the country’s best comics laugh even while working in the club’s kitchen. With the encouragement of her devoted fan, Andrew Dice Clay, Eleanor eventually took her comedic talents to the stage after co-starring with him in “Dice Undisputed.” Her one-woman show caught Andrew’s attention, and he insisted that Eleanor share her hilarious perspective with the world. Since then, she has been performing stand-up in various clubs and theaters across the country.

Eleanor’s comedic style draws from her street-smart upbringing in South Philly as one of ten children in a vibrant Irish-Catholic family. With her candid and fearless approach, she captivates audiences and has made appearances on notable networks like Nickelodeon, VH1, Howard Stern, and HBO. Eleanor Kerrigan’s career continues to thrive, with appearances in the last season of “Entourage” and her ongoing nationwide tour, showcasing her bold and humorous brand of comedy.

Eleanor Kerrigan Net worth:

Eleanor Kerrigan’s exact net worth is not available, but her career accomplishments and diverse roles have contributed to her success. She gained recognition as part of “Harley’s Angels” on UPN’s Women of Wrestling and co-starred with Andrew Dice Clay in “Dice Undisputed.” Her stand-up comedy career, where she shares entertaining stories of her Philadelphia upbringing and life in Los Angeles, has been well-received. Additionally, Eleanor has appeared in various series like Entourage, Dice, and The Gift Box, showcasing her versatility. Her net worth is influenced by her acting roles, podcast co-hosting, and other projects, but the specific amount remains undisclosed.

Information Table:

Eleanor Kerrigan

Here is the full bio of Eleanor Kerrigan including her, Wrestling, Comedy, Net Worth, Husband, Joe Roagan, Height, Ethnicity, Family, Parents, Young, Standup, Date of Birth, and other information.

Attribute Information
Full Name Eleanor Kerrigan
Known For Actress, Comedian
Notable Projects “Women of Wrestling” (2000), “Entourage” (2004), “Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers” (2020)
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Age Not available
Education Attended an all-girls Catholic high school, studied at the Joanne Baron / D. W. Brown Studio
Family Irish-Catholic background, 10 siblings (6 brothers: Tommy, Jimmy, Johnnie, Charlie, Billy; 2 sisters: Karen, Kathleen)
Career Highlights Started at Comedy Store, co-starred in “Dice Undisputed,” a successful stand-up comedian, appeared in various TV shows and networks
Net Worth Not available

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Eleanor Kerrigan:

  • Eleanor Kerrigan initially started working at the Comedy Store as a waitress before pursuing a career in comedy.
  • She spent several years making the best comics in the country laugh while working in the kitchen of the Comedy Store.
  • Andrew Dice Clay, one of her biggest fans, played a significant role in encouraging Eleanor to take her comedic talents to the stage.
  • Eleanor co-starred with Andrew Dice Clay in “Dice Undisputed” and went on a promotional tour with him to promote the show.
  • Despite initially considering herself an actress rather than a stand-up comedian, she was convinced by Andrew Dice Clay to pursue stand-up after he saw her one-woman show.


  1. What is Eleanor Kerrigan’s date of birth?
  • Unfortunately, her exact date of birth is not available.

2. How tall is Eleanor Kerrigan?

  • Information about her height is not disclosed publicly.

3. What is Eleanor Kerrigan’s net worth?

  • The exact net worth of Eleanor Kerrigan is not publicly known.

4. Is Eleanor Kerrigan married?

  • There is no information available about her marital status or current relationship.

5. What are some notable TV shows or movies Eleanor Kerrigan has appeared in?

  • Eleanor Kerrigan has appeared in TV shows such as “Women of Wrestling,” “Entourage,” and “Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers.”

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