‘Will be born of Scorpio’; watch

Actress participated in the program ‘Que História É Essa, Porchat?’ this Monday, 16; Uri, the result of her relationship with Michel Melamed, was born in 2019

This Monday, the 16th, the actress Leticia Colin had fun telling the story of when she had an early delivery. She participated in the program What’s This Story, Porchat?presented by Fabio Porchatalongside the actors Renato Goes It is Victor Lamoglia.

Leticia gave birth to her first child, Urifruit of the relationship with the actor Michel Melamedin 2019. The baby was expected to be born at 40 weeks gestation, what did not happen. Uri came into the world while Letícia was 37 weeks pregnant.

The actress reported that, shortly before giving birth, she had renovated the kitchen. “The day the work was finished, we said: ‘Man, now we’re going to sleep. Follow everyone’s advice, because, when the baby is born, we’re not going to sleep anymore'”, she said.

Just before going to sleep, she felt pain and called her doctor. The professional reassured her, pointing out that the exams showed that Uri would not be born at that moment. Around midnight, the artist began to feel contractions.

“I had talked to my belly [no dia anterior] and I said: ‘Son, if you want to come, come. Mama is tired’. I regretted having given that intimacy “, she said. Afterwards, Letícia realized that the water had broken and that the pregnancy tampon had fallen.

The actress then began to pack her bag to go to the maternity ward. She joked that the couple was concerned about the sign of the baby, who, that day, would be born under the sign of Scorpio, and not Sagittarius, as expected.

“We never cared about the sign. But, from the moment we found out that he was going to be born a Sagittarius, people celebrated. And we started to think about our Sagittarius friends who, in fact, were very nice”, he reported. .

Letícia said that the two then started researching personalities that were Scorpio. She also took advantage of the moment before giving birth to order brownies to welcome visitors to the maternity ward, in addition to buying plane tickets for her father.

The actress said she even bothered to do makeup before Uri’s birth. “I feel happy, safe. […] It was a great moment in my life,” he said.

Finally, she reported that she had a delivery and a “smooth” recovery. “Breastfeeding wasn’t so smooth, but my dad and the brownies arrived,” she joked.


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