Will Poulter Wants This EGOT Winner To Appear In Season 3 (And Now Us)

Poulter’s Luca was a welcome addition to The Bear season 2 – in fact, he helped breathe some much-needed fresh air into the show. After being told over and over how brutal and cruel the restaurant industry can be to those just learning, we meet the gentle and kind Luca, who encourages Marcus’ obvious talent rather than looking down on the less experienced chef. Poulter also told The Daily Beast about trying to keep his cameo appearance relatively secret… as well as his encounter with real-life celebrity chef Nancy Silverton, who is famous for her breadmaking and won a James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef.

“It was crazy,” Poulter recalled. “I remember being in the costume department, [seeing] This clothes rail, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, do you know who this dress reminds me of?’ It’s like Nancy Silverton!’” Poulter says he was then met with silence. “And I was like, ‘Wait a minute, Nancy Silverton isn’t in The Bear, is she?’ And they said, “Well, no.” But Olivia Colman is, and Nancy Silverton is a huge inspiration.” Wait a minute! Olivia Colman is one of my favorite actresses in the world. I have this joke with someone I work with: we are such fans of her that we want her to run for prime minister. Losing acting would be a win for Britain,” the actor joked.

“It’s an honor to be one of those cameos,” concluded Poulter. “It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Filming took two days, but it was a lot of preparation. From now on it has changed me.”

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