Tu Chalta Jaa | Motivational Rap by Abby Viral

Hello Listeners! The first-ever rap written by me.
Before recording this track, अगर किसी ने कहा होता की मैं भी रैप कर एकता हूँ, तो शायद खुद मुझे भी यकीन यही होता।
Thanks for being so patient, This is a Hindi Motivational Rap for every student, entrepreneur, MLM, and every person on this planet who is hustling and chasing his/her dreams.
Bas rukna mat tu chalta jaa.
If you find this video inspirational, faila do chaaro dishao me.
Stay tuned for more amazing videos.

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Music: Inkarnate
Lyrics and Vocals: Abby Viral & RAHWAN
Cinematography: Traveling Mondays

Lyrics: https://goo.gl/C5CAg5
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Tu Chalta Jaa | Motivational Rap by Abby Viral
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