Watch this video when you need some motivation

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I wrote this hindi poetry to give you all some positive vibes. I have seen many videos by TS Madaan, Sandeep Maheshwari and many more. I do also believe in the Law of attraction. Share your views in comments if you liked my video.
BB Ki Vines( Recently uploaded “Mann Ki Baat”, The last part was dope when he said “Bhagg bhosdike”) is also featured in this video sharing his views about copying someone i promise you guys that this video is a worth watch.
And the latest news is that very soon i am going to release a Rap Cover of one of my favourite YouTubers Nazar Battu Productions who Recently uploaded their “The Nazar Battu Anthem.” They are surely known for maintaining the highest quality content achievable, and I am sure you would have loved the video, I am also into music stuff, let me know in the comments if you want me to do a cover of their anthem. If you seriously read this so far. You need to see a doctor.
Watch this video when you need some motivation
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