With a rainbow full of energy, Xuxa formed generations of LGBTs and became an icon – 03/27/2023

A little over a week ago, at Altas Horas, Silvero Pereira said that he danced to Xuxa’s songs and, because of that, he started to suffer bullying in school, being called “Paquita” in a pejorative way. He is not alone. Some generations of LGBTs grew up with the Queen of the Little People as an idol. For many, the presenter’s colorful world ended up being forbidden because it meant contact with femininity or diversity, since the blonde always had an inclusive discourse.

Four decades after her debut on TV, Xuxa knows the value she had for the LGBTQIAPN+ community. She is constantly honored by drag queens, has constantly resurrected videos in which gay guys show their affection. This weekend, on her ship, she insisted on having Gloria Groove and Ludmilla, two icons of diversity, as attractions.

For LGBTs, Xuxa is a living legend and synonymous with liberation. It was at Xou da Xuxa or Planeta Xuxa that many were able to find spaces of acceptance and aspire to live in a world without prejudice, where there was a rainbow full of energy. The presenter understood that she formed a loyal audience that will follow her wherever she goes. And it made many families rethink their prejudices. On this day when the Queen of the Little People celebrates her 60th birthday, nothing could be more fitting than celebrating the legacy she created in the name of a more diverse and tolerant world. In the lives of LGBTs, Xuxa forever marked an X in the heart.

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