With a technical and numerical advantage, Piquerez shines and Palmeiras defeats Goiás – 05/07/2023

Palmeiras won their first victory away from home and their first thrashing in the Brasileirão: 5-0 over Goiás. The team was undefeated in Serrinha for 14 games.

In the 9th minute, in another well-charged corner kick by Raphael Veiga, Zé Rafael deflected and Arthur appeared alone at the second post to head in and open the scoring — at 1.68 meters, he didn’t even need to leave the ground to score his second goal. by Alviverde.

As I wrote on Twitter during the match, the most impressive thing about Palmeiras’ corner kicks is that they are predictable. Everyone knows they are a great weapon. Everyone knows that Veiga will hit. And even then the opponents cannot cancel it.

Goiás scored with the low lines, losing the fight in a four against five. In the middle of the first half, he managed to keep the ball longer, creating a few chances, all on the left side, but nothing that put Weverton’s goal in real danger.

At 36 minutes, Lucas Halter fouled Rony from behind and, after a review suggested by the VAR booth, referee Wagner do Nascimento removed the yellow card given on the field and expelled the emerald defender (at 40 minutes), probably understanding that it was a situation goal clear. In my opinion, the initial yellow would have been fairer – and less devastating for Goiás.

Abel’s team regained control and flew back in the second stage. Rony tried his popular bike in the first minute and before 3 left the second. Sidimar finished Piquerez’s cross against his own team: 2-0. The third own goal of the round!

At 20, the offspring Endrick and Garcia joined Richard Ríos. Rony, Mayke and Gabriel Menino left. At 25, Fabinho replaced the yellowish Zé Rafael.

Taking advantage of a huge blunder by the emerald defense, Veiga swelled the net at 32: 3 to 0. Afterwards, he left to make way for the fourth calf, Jhon Jhon.

At 36 minutes, Piquerez received a throw from Garcia and crossed for Endrick to finish with a fish: 4 to 0.

There was still time for Dudu to disenchant, marking his first of the season, exactly in the city that revealed it, in front of family and childhood friends. In another Piquerez assist, Baixola kicked hard, the ball even kissed the crossbar before crossing the line. Sealed rout: 5 to 0.

The expulsion weighed a lot, but Goiás also pays the bill for a team that doesn’t define itself. There are already 46 athletes used in the season. By the way, I leave here my note of repudiation of yet another lawn in a sorry state. And there are still those who complain about Allianz or Arena da Baixada, because they are too “hard” or “fast”.

After an accelerated start, with good opportunities and practically no attack from Goiás to defend, Palmeiras lowered the voltage and exchanged passes more calmly, taking advantage of the numerical advantage.

And numerical advantage was exactly what was seen in the final score.

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