With few clear chances to score, Goiás is in a goalless draw with Atlético-MG, at home; see the notes

The Esmeraldina defense is solid, but the attack was not so efficient, in the tie against Galo.

July 18
– 01:14

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João Magno heads forward and stops in the good defense of Everson

João Magno heads forward and stops in the good defense of Everson

Photo: Rosiron RodriguesGEC / Sport News World

Goiás received at home on Monday night (17), Atlético-MG, at the Hailé Pinheiro Stadium, in a match valid for the 15th round of the Brazilian Series A Championship. The game ended in a 0-0 tie. Esmeraldino is still in the relegation zone, occupying 17th place, with 12 points. Galo remained in the middle of the table in 12th place with 21 points.


Lucas Halter: was the pillar of a defense that proved to be solid and that managed to stop the experienced striker Hulk and company. The defender also helped in the defensive recomposition of the team and did not give Galo space to attack the defensive sector of the Esmeraldina team during the match, that is, he inhibited all chances of goal danger for the team from Minas Gerais, for Tadeu’s goal.



Thaddeus: 6.5

Lucas Halter: 7.0

Bruno Melo: 7.0

Sander: 6.5

Maguinho: 6.5

Willian Oliveira: 6.5

Morelli: 6.0

Luis Oyama: 6.5

Anderson Oliveira: 5.5

John the Great: 6.0

Vinícius: 5.5


Diego Gonçalves: 5.0

Dodo: 5.5

Alan: 6.5

Matheus Peixoto: YN

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