With ‘poorer’ Britons, NHS now learns from SUS – 09/05/2023 – Nelson de Sá

Days ago, the chief economist of the Bank of England, the central bank, said in a podcast that “someone needs to accept that they are worse off”. That the British need to “stop trying to maintain their purchasing power through higher wages, driving up prices”, inflation.

It echoed badly, with The Times and others, even in India, noting that for him “the British must accept that they are poorer”. His insensitivity brings, according to the Daily Mirror tabloid, “fury at a time when families face rising food prices and skyrocketing energy bills”.

And now the BBC shows “What the NHS”, its national health service, “is learning from Brazil” (above), from the question “An approach to health that has been successful in more parts Brazil’s poor will it work in the UK?” This refers to the home visit.

It accompanies two nurses, one of the four “door knockers” in a pilot experience in a housing complex with 32 buildings in London. They go “from house to house and are not intimidated by having, sometimes, one or another door slammed in their face”, describes the report.

The idea of ​​”importing the model” came from Matthew Harris, a public health specialist at Imperial College, who worked as a general practitioner in Brazil for four years and says community workers have been credited with a 34% drop in cardiovascular deaths.

“In Brazil, they’ve taken that role to the point where they have 270,000 agents across the country, each looking after 150 households, once a month. They’ve seen extraordinary results over the last two or three decades. We have a lot to learn from them. that.”

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