With these healthy habits, Martha Stewart is swimsuit-ready at 81

Martha Stewart is an icon who decorates, prepares food and makes everything look like a magazine. Not only does Stewart have the Midas flair for creating aesthetically pleasing environments in a completely natural-looking way, but the 81-year-old celebrity herself looks incredibly fit and swimsuit-ready, having just appeared on the cover of sports illustrated. (And let’s face it: nobody rocks a swimsuit better than Martha!) Loud S.IStewart made history as the publication’s “oldest cover model” — and you can tell from the pictures that she’s really glowing.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLEMartha Stewart laughed and talked about her SI swimming Feature: “It should have been 30 years ago. That would have been great. It wasn’t a goal I set myself, but when I was asked once, I thought to myself: Let’s do it!”

In the swimsuit shots stretch, Stewart relaxes in a green swimsuit and white breezy wrap on a Dominican Republic beach, swims in the sea in a silver one-piece suit and white sunglasses, and poses in front of a stone wall with a fireworks red one-piece suit and matching sarong and the star’s iconic cover, of course, which features Stewart in a white swimsuit with a yellow satin overlay.

How does the impressive businesswoman manage to keep her appearance – and everything around her – so incredibly on point and appealing? Read on to learn more about how Stewart is staying healthy, fit and swimsuit-ready at 81. And next, don’t miss Mindy Kaling, 43, looking ultra fit in her new swimwear collab.

Martha Stewart did Pilates three to four times a week to prepare for her S.I Debut.

Stewart revealed it PEOPLE exactly how she prepared for them SI swimming special feature. The celebrity explained that she has been doing Pilates three to four times a week and has not consumed alcohol for two months. Stewart also took great care of her skin, indulging in regular facials and paying attention to everything that went into her body, which she still strives for.

The celebrity spoke about the suits she wore in the spread, which were styles by Saint Laurent, Monday Swimwear, Eres and other designers. Stewart told PEOPLE“These are real swimsuits I’m wearing – I’m not fully covered. I don’t like kaftans. They are very glamorous shots. I probably would have preferred to wear a really skimpy bikini like any other model, but at my age it was appropriate to wear what I was wearing. However, these are not swimsuits to wear, I don’t like them.”

She grew up on daily exercise, nutritious meals, and good skin and hair hygiene.

Martha Stewart offers some pretty solid healthy living habits, tips and advice on her website. She wrote, “Good health, vibrant energy, clear thinking: this is what I strive for every day.” And I always have. My parents instilled positive habits in me and my siblings from an early age, encouraging daily exercise (we walked and biked instead of being driven), nutritious eating (no fast food), and proper hair and skin hygiene. I passed these practices on to my daughter, who is now doing the same to my grandchildren. I love that Jude and Truman are on a plant-based diet (very low in sugar) and so active, exercising, swimming and dancing. On top of that, they love it.”

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She loves horseback riding and her gym is stocked with all the good stuff.

Martha Stewart horses
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Stewart cares about her overall health and well-being, and exercises consistently whether she likes it or not. Her gym is equipped with a peloton, hand weights, digital weight machines, and a DB machine that she uses for lower-body workouts. She also loves to ride her horses outside all year round.

Accordingly insiderStewart is a big fan of yoga and stretching her body. The celeb also started her mornings with a 20-minute treadmill workout. She previously wrote on her blog, “I love to practice yoga to keep my muscles long, supple and flexible, and I also work out at least 3 times a week with my trainer, Mary Tedesco, who shows up at the farm cheerful and early. “ ”

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She enjoys green juice and has lost weight by cooking healthy, homegrown foods.

Green Juice

Martha Stewart regularly prepares balanced meals and even grows much of her food. She makes it a point to stay hydrated and avoid unhealthy snacks. Cooking at home allows her to avoid eating out, which has helped her lose some weight. One of her favorite treats is green juice and she enjoys plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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