Without VP, with Jesus, Sampaoli or whoever: is there a method to Flamengo’s madness? – 04/11/2023

To the surprise of a total of zero people, Flamengo today confirmed the resignation of Vítor Pereira.

The balance of the error: 15 million in termination fines, which add to the 22 million disbursed from 2020 onwards, for the dismissals of Domenéc Torrent, Rogério Ceni and Paulo Sousa. Yes, 37 million in a fine to send a coach away, since the beginning of Landim’s management.

And these, of course, were not the only ones to pass through Gávea in the period: the account does not include Abel Braga (he resigned when he learned that the club was already negotiating with Jorge Jesus), JJ himself (wanted to leave), and Renato Gaúcho and Dorival (did not have their contracts renewed).

In the midst of this turmoil, a team that just didn’t amass more titles than Palmeiras.

Can you say it’s working then? That there is method to apparent madness?

Perhaps. Which doesn’t mean the method works.

European coach of the “Portuguese school”, Brazilian coach known to placate people. Then a European coach from the “Portuguese school” to resurrect the Jesus era. Next, take on a well-known Brazilian coach to appease the crowd. In this cycle that is as ineffective as it is expensive, Flamengo is losing money and opportunities, including that of making a decent campaign in the Club World Cup.

With an occasional dash of negotiation behind your back.

In addition to the difference in nationality, what justified the exchange of Dorival for Vítor Pereira, after his simple stint at Corinthians (defeated by Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil precisely under the command of the Brazilian)?

And what about “Operação Salve, Jorge”, responsible for negotiating with Jesus and Sampaoli? Is there a strategy, in addition to 1) reliving the glorious past and 2) a foreign technician who knows Brazil and is available on the market because he was fired in Europe?

Flamengo lives dangerously because it can. It has enough talent in its cast and money in the bank to afford to fail with gusto. The question is: are there better things to do with those many pennies, like reinforcing that squad — which is wonderful, but it’s not perfect and it doesn’t stop suffering from injuries.

The runners-up in the Supercopa, Recopa and Carioca, in addition to the third place in the World Cup, not only cost the club’s coffers the prizes, but ended up reinforcing those of the opponents.

Losing is expensive. And Flamengo has been the executioner in some of these defeats.

Is Jesus salvation?

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