Woman arrested red-handed in Rio with seven pistols strapped to her body

A woman was arrested red-handed at the Niterói Bus Station, in the Rio metropolitan area, carrying seven automatic pistols strapped to her body, as well as chargers and kits burst that increase the firepower of weapons.

The weapons would be handed over to members of the Comando Vermelho criminal faction, who control drug trafficking in communities in São Gonçalo. The case occurred in the early hours of Tuesday (25). Police officers at the Ricardo de Albuquerque police station, in the north of Rio, identified the woman after intelligence and monitoring work.

During the search, the police found seven pistols, 14 magazines and kits gust hidden in the body under the skirt, trapped by a lycra pants. According to investigations, the woman brought the weapons from the state of Paraná. She was booked for arms trafficking and taken to a state prison, where she will remain at the disposal of Justice, awaiting trial.

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This is the third case involving women transporting weapons for criminal factions in Rio. On day 03, Gabriela de Souza she was arrested at the bus station in Rio, in the port area of ​​the city, when she was going to leave for Bahia carrying two automatic rifles, considered weapons of war, in addition to five pistols. Gabriela would have picked up the weapons in the favela of Rocinha, in the south of Rio.

The other case took place on the 14th, at the same bus station, when a woman disembarked with four rifles, which were to be delivered to Complexo do Alemão. Police officers from the Policing Battalion on Tourist Routes of the Military Police became suspicious of the woman and searched the bag she was carrying. The weaponry was inside. She was booked and sent to the Talavera Bruce Women’s Prison, in Complexo de Gericinó, where she is awaiting trial.

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