Woman killed, Man Injured in Accident CCTV Video Footage






Recently, a terrible and shocking accident happened on Highway 99/50 split in which a 22-year-old passed away, and a man was injured badly. There were two more passengers sitting in the vehicle but they both were unharmed in this accident. There is a video also shared related to this crash incident and it is said that this crash was so terrible. Lots of questions were raised after this crash incident and many are hitting the search engine to know more, so we made an article. Here we shared every single piece of information about this incident, so read continuously and completely.It is shared in a report that a horrifying incident took place on Highway 99 at the 50 splits. It happened at around 02:20 pm on Monday 21 August 2023. In this accident, a 22-year-old woman passed away and a man was injured seriously. The rear passengers in the vehicle including a 6-month-old and a 1-year-old were uninjured and in stable condition. As per the sources, this accident happened on Monday afternoon and the woman died in a two-vehicle accident. Swipe up this page and continue your reading to know more about this incident.Highway 99/50 CrashAfter this crash incident, there is an investigation began and police shared that it was a two-vehicle accident. Authorities shared that their preliminary investigation found a man was driving a Toyota in the second lane from Highway 99 northbound behind a Peterbilt dump truck. When the driver of the Toyota rear-ended him, the dump truck driver was slowing down which resulted in this crash incident. It is also shared that CHP said DUI was not a factor in the crash. Currently, the names of the people who were injured and died in this accident are not revealed.The video of this incident was shared on Youtube and it is crossing a large number of views. The running time of this video is about 22 seconds and it is easy to watch on Youtube. In this video, a black Toyota is seen in a crash, and a police vehicle is also near the incident place. It is stated that two vehicles collided which resulted in this terrible accident and the exact reason behind this accident is not revealed or confirmed. It is still unknown to the people and there is no information shared yet. The investigation is ongoing but not much has been shared related and we will update our article after getting more details. Stay connected with dekhnews.com to get more articles.

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