Woman stabbed out of jealousy: process begins in Stralsund


Woman stabbed out of jealousy: process begins in Stralsund

A microphone stands in a courtroom.

A microphone stands in a courtroom.

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Last October, an act of violence in the small town of Barth caused a stir. A 38-year-old is killed with more than 30 stab wounds. Now her husband is on trial for murder.

Stralsund (dpa/mv). Out of jealousy, a 43-year-old is said to have killed his wife about six months ago with more than 30 stab wounds in the small town of Barth (West Pomerania-Rügen). As of Tuesday, the alleged perpetrator will have to answer to the Stralsund Regional Court. The public prosecutor accuses him of murder for base motives.

The act of violence on October 12 caused a stir. Witnesses had called the police because the accused had been seen in the city with a lot of blood on his clothes. The man is said to have stabbed his 38-year-old wife 35 times in an asylum seeker’s accommodation. The woman sustained injuries to her head, torso and arms and died at the scene.

The prosecutor gave jealousy as the motive. The man wanted to punish his wife for getting involved with another man. He is said to have admitted the crime to the police. At the presentation because of an arrest warrant in the district court, he had referred to the fact that he had no memory of the incident because of alcohol and drugs.

Three days of hearings are planned for the trial, during which several witnesses and two experts are to be heard. It is also about whether the 43-year-old was fully culpable. A verdict is expected on April 12th.

The family has three children, who are said to have been in children’s facilities at the time of the crime. They would be looked after by the youth welfare office, the public prosecutor said.

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