Women’s Corinthians goes down in history with unprecedented bold testimony – 04/23/2023

It is, as the reporter and friend Lucio de Castro said on Twitter, the most forceful and courageous testimony of recent times.

Women’s Corinthians players and coaching staff speak out about the hiring of Cuca, convicted of involvement in the rape of a child in 1987.

Living and pulsating sign of world change.

A clear sign that we will not be silent.

A resounding sign that those who hired someone convicted of rape do not know the size and strength of the club they lead.

A sign that Corinthian democracy lives and is reborn at every need.

A sign that the success of a fight is not immediately measured because the fight continues to echo over time.

Sign that we will not cross our arms.

A sign that we are tired of dying, of being abused, violated, raped.

A sign that we are aware of what we need to do.

It is a very clear sign that, together, we will go far.

Thank you, female Corinthians.

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