World’s first robotic lung transplant, legal rights for criminal defendants, supporting the children of sex workers

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about how the world’s first automated lung transplant reduces the invasiveness of the procedure and speeds up healing periods, a mandate in Mississippi ensuring criminal defendants can’t be indicted without a lawyer, and an initiative to support the children of New Delhi’s sex workers.

Spain celebrates the world’s first lung transplant performed entirely by robots

The announcement marks a shift in terms of the invasiveness of the notoriously difficult surgery, resulting in much shorter recovery times for patients.

Source: Euronews

Mississippi approves mandate barring criminal indictment without an attorney

The move signals a change in the state’s dysfunctional public defender system, in which defendants often find themselves in custody for years without representation.

Source: The Marshall Project

A Native CDFI is reclaiming lost tribal land and undoing generational damage

With over 90 million acres of alienated tribal land in the USobtained through questionable legislation, a nonprofit organization aims to reverse this pattern.

Source: Next City

Food forests are closing the nutrient gap in US cities

The “edible parks” are often situated on vacant lots, with volunteers growing a variety of fruits and vegetables and bringing sustenance to food deserts.

Source: The Planetary Press

A pedal-powered initiative is getting kids to school sustainably and safely

The “bike bus” helps participants get to school more safely than solo riding – and the idea is spreading across the globe.

Source: positive news

An online marketplace is letting companies buy and sell recycled plastic

By connecting recycling companies with manufacturers and distributors, Christian Schiller’s global platform to close the loop and repurpose old plastic.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Scientists are harnessing the power of bacteria to solve the world’s problems

From reducing the impact of farming on the environment to salvaging metal from electronic waste, there are plenty of ways bacteria can provide solutions.

Source: BBC News

Haitian feminists are reclaiming safe access to abortion services

Using creative means such as underground networks, art, and political activism, campaigners are encouraging action and discussion on abortion rights.

Source: Yes! magazines

The Black Girl Hockey Club is fighting to make sport more inclusive

Renee Hess is spreading awareness of the lack of representation of Black figures in ice hockey, starting conversations around racism in the sport.

Source: BBC News

A 24/7 support center is caring for the children of New Delhi’s sex workers

By offering food, shelter, and an education, the center has provided a safe environment for over 3,000 children, reducing stigma and building a sense of community.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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