World’s largest seagrass project, free public transport in Luxembourg, peace parks

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about a project in Virginia that shows “how you can restore the oceans”, the performance of free public transport in a tiny European nation, and the benefits of border-crossing “peace parks” for humans and the environment.

Seagrass restoration project proves that ocean ecosystems can be revived

A 20-year project off the Virginia coastline has successfully restored water quality levels and promoted marine biodiversity.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Is Luxembourg’s free public transport scheme paying off?

In 2020, all public transport ticket costs have been cut so as to ease congestion in the tiny nation of Luxembourg. Citizens and residents now enjoy lower costs of commuting and save time out of traffic.


Transforming oil fields to solar farm

After successfully finishing an upskilling pilot-programme, a group of 15 trainees will build two new solar farms in Alberta, Canada and reproduce the project across the country.

The Planetary Press

Two Brazilian scientists develop low cost, shared-patent mRNA vaccine

Long-time friends and immunologists Patricia Neves and Ana Paula Ano Bom have developed a mRNA vaccine which they aim to share to low- and middle-income countries.


Country Queen: first Netflix series to be produced in Kenya hits the screen

The streaming company’s family drama marks a shift from locally made ‘edutainment’ to shows that reflect the complex realities of Kenyan life.

The Guardian

A group of Indigenous chefs and activists are using food to teach history

Using pre-colonial methods and products, the I-Colective is connecting North Americans to their land and history through what they eat.


‘Change is possible’: meet the Gen-Zers who embrace climate optimism

These people in their 20s decided to combat climate grief by taking on one small piece of the environmental crisis.

The Guardian

From invisible to activists: How Spain’s migrants started to fight for their rights

Rather than waiting for government action, Spain’s undocumented migrants are fighting for it themselves. “It cannot be that we are essential to work but not to have rights”.

The Groundtruth Project

Crab invasion: alien species goes from pest to profit

Over the past decade, Tunisian fishing communities have been plagued by an invasive species of crab known for its destructive nature. But now they catch the pests for sale overseas.

The Guardian

How peace parks can help protect animals and settle conflicts in border regions

Conflicts over disputed border areas are putting some of the world’s key biodiversity hotspots at risk. Border-straddling conservation zones known as peace parks offer a more sustainable way of managing these areas.


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