World’s tallest building made from hemp, airport terminal made of wood, wild bison return to UK

In today’s issue of Squirrel News, Cape Town gets the world’s tallest building that is made with hemp, a Swiss airport is added a completely wooden dock, and in Great Britain wild bison returned for the first time in thousands of years.

The tallest building made from hemp is now in Cape Town

The 12-storey block is made of hemp shiv and woody core of the cannabis plant. The new building is a sustainable solution for construction that is carbon negative and allows for emissions to be taken out of the atmosphere by the growth of the cannabis plant.

Source: Business Insider

A recent addition to the Zurich airport is fabricated solely from wood

A Swiss design makes sure that the new Dock A is to become a sustainable example. All floors, ceilings, walls and columns will be made with timber, while solar shingles on the roof will provide essential energy.

Source: Inhabitat

The U.S. Forest Service will save giant sequoias from destruction

For the last two years, almost 20 percent of the trees were erased by wildfires. A new initiative will remove dry plants from forests to protect the sequoias.

Source: Grist

Millennials are highly underrepresented in US politics, but change is coming

Run For Something is a recently founded organisation that only works with political candidates under 40. It’s founder, Amanda Litman suggests that more young people should be represented in government, and here is why.

Source: Good Good Good

Indigenous Shuar community in Ecuador wins decades-long battle to protect land

An Indigenous community in Ecuador has finally obtained national protections for part of its territory after decades of fighting off deforestation and pollution in its mega-diverse rainforests.

Source: Mongabay

We’re occupying schools across the world to protest climate inaction

Students from all over the globe are planning to end the fossil fuel economy by striking. In this open letter, they call on their fellow students to take action.

Source: The Guardian

In the UK, beach visitors can borrow free wooden bellyboards as a greener option

Dick Pearce and Friends, a startup that makes wooden bellyboards now offer their sustainable alternatives for free. The use of water devices made form timber will allow for less plastic pollution in the ocean.

Source: Positive News

How a little community investing helped get a Boston food co-op started

Before any public money got involved in the project, these small local community investors provided the support needed to get a Dorchester Food Co-op going.

Source: Next City

A travel editor stopped flying and rediscovered the world

Hellen Coffey travels a lot for work. But to cut down carbon emissions, she now takes alternative transport and looks at the world in a whole new way.

Source: Reasons to be cheerful

How the Friends of Moldova volunteer organisation helps refugees from Ukraine

The Friends of Moldova is a civil organisation that supports Moldovan activists and social projects. In this interview they explain how they help people from Ukraine.

Source: Humor for Humanity

Wild bison return to the UK for the first time in thousands of years

The gentle giants released in Kent should transform a commercial pine forest into a vibrant natural woodland.

Source: The Guardian

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