Worst door for Bolsonaro’s return to Brazil is the PF or prison

After the government of the Federal District decided that former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) should leave Brasília airport through a side exit after his arrival in Brazil, the columnist for the UOL José Roberto de Toledo said during the program Análise da Notícia that this door is not the worst that Bolsonaro could go through. In his opinion, the doors of the Federal Police or even prison would be worse for the former president.

The main door, and the one that threatens Bolsonaro the most, is certainly not the door of any palace. It’s the door of the Federal Police and maybe even the barred doors [da prisão]. Jose Roberto de Toledo

Initially, Bolsonaro planned a triumphal arrival in Brasília to be carried by a crowd in the airport lobby, repeating scenes from the 2018 campaign. is “non-negotiable”.

Wrong political timing. Toledo also stated during the program that “timing is everything in politics”, but that Bolsonaro made the wrong time to return to Brazil. In his assessment, the former president returns to Brazil pressured by the possible intention of his party, the PL, to envision Michelle Bolsonaro as an eventual heiress of Bolsonarism, and also by his former ally Sergio Moro (União Brasil), who has returned to being in evidence after the alleged threat of kidnapping the senator by the PCC.

There was already internal competition from Michelle, sponsored by Valdemar within the PL, and now there is an external opponent who is Moro and is wanting to put his wings out to occupy this space of Bolsonaro. Jose Roberto de Toledo

Repetition of scenes from 2018. It is estimated that Bolsonarists were mobilizing through social networks for buses to go to Brasília to welcome the former president and 5 to 10 thousand people were expected in the capital. Bolsonaro expected to be welcomed by a crowd, but the columnist for UOL he stated that “the DF government was schooled by the STF and by Alexandre de Moraes” and vetoed any intention of a party.

Appointment with the police. The PF (Federal Police) summoned Bolsonaro to testify about the Saudi Arabia jewelry case on April 5. During the program, Toledo stated that this should only be the former president’s first meeting with the police, since there are other inquiries on different topics against Bolsonaro in progress.

Possibility of emergence of new names on the right. Despite the accusations against Bolsonaro and the case of receiving jewelry from Saudi Arabia, the columnist for UOL stated that the former president’s popularity should not fall to the so-called “hard core of Bolsonarism”. The accusations, however, create space for the emergence of other alternatives within the Brazilian right, such as Michelle Bolsonaro and Sergio Moro himself.

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