Worst Thing Every Yellowstone Character Did Ranked

At its core, Yellowstone is the story of the Dutton family and their struggle to preserve their legacy. For John Dutton there is nothing more important than the Yellowstone Ranch, whose ancestors settled on the land in 1883 and built a house in the rugged mountains of Montana. But more than the ranch itself, John often talks about the importance of family, which is why his worst moment isn’t the assassination of an enemy or retaliation from a rival, but the betrayal of his own relatives.

Although we never see this moment on screen as it happens before the start of the first episode, we eventually learn why John became estranged from his son Kayce early in the series. We are initially led to believe that it was a mutual dispute or even the result of the rebellious son’s resistance, but in reality it is John’s fault. As a teenager, Kayce dated Monica, who his father John never approved of, and when the young lovers surprised him with the news that they were expecting a baby, he demanded that she have an abortion.

When Kayce refused, John did the unthinkable and threw Kayce out of the house and off Yellowstone Ranch. The irony is that by the time Yellowstone begins, John is distraught at not having a relationship with that very child, his grandson Tate. Of course, Kayce and John would eventually come to terms, and John would become a loving grandpa and a repentant father.

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