Gekyume Onfroy, son of the late rapper XXXTentacion, is a graduate! The little one’s mother, Jenesis Sanchez, took to Instagram earlier this week to celebrate her son’s latest achievement.

Jenesis uploaded a picture of Gekyume standing next to blocks that say “Grad” on them. The youth was also surrounded by balloons commemorating the occasion. “It’s in his lemon pepper,” Sanchez said of her son’s style.

Many couldn’t believe that Gekyume was graduating this inaugural season. “Dude how old am I anyway,” asked a social media follower after seeing the picture of the youngster. “Look at him so big,” shouted another fan. “Congratulations.”

Some remember when it was revealed to the world that Jenesis Sanchez was expecting a son. The news came months after Gekyume’s father was killed in June 2018. XXXTentacion’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, announced Jenesis’ pregnancy.

“He left us one last gift,” Bernard told his supporters online. “I’m so happy,” said one fan of Jenesis’ pregnancy. “He could become a legend like X,” added another Instagram follower.

XXXTentacion was killed just as his career in the music industry was taking off. The 20-year-old was known for having difficult public conversations about humanity, which is why so many people flocked to his music.

“I’ve fought since I was a kid,” X said during an interview with No jumper. Among XXXTentacion’s biggest struggles were those in which he rejected feminism.

Some criticized the rapper for blaming women for their suffering in the world. Still, X managed to raise millions to support him during what turned out to be a short-lived music career.

Jenesis celebrated Gekyume’s fifth birthday in January. “He’s getting so big so fast,” said one fan in reference to the youngster’s growth. “He was just a baby,” the supporter continued. “You’re doing a wonderful job,” remarked the fan.

“I know a father who is very proud of his little mother and son,” said another Instagram follower, referring to Gekyume’s father. “Long live XXXTentacion.”

Photo: Jenesis Sanchez/Instagram

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