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Karsten Wickern (A)
The wall with the Westentor crossing belongs to the cyclists at times on Saturday. © Karsten Wickern (A)

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There are celebrations on almost all the big squares in the city at the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday (May 5th and 6th) the city festival “Dortbunt” starts in the morning with a full program. While concerts are the focus on Saturday, there is a hands-on festival on Sunday with many activities by clubs and organizations, with the main focus being on Hansaplatz and the area around the Reinoldikiche. However, there are also traffic restrictions on both days.

At the Saturday (May 6th) is primarily ensured by an event that takes place on the fringes of “There Bunt”. The family bike demo “Kiddical Mass” starts at 2 p.m. on the north side of the main station. Then it goes over Burgtor and Königswall in the direction of Tremoniapark.

There will be a stopover at the Westentor crossing, which will be transformed into a pop-up playground for a quarter of an hour. Traffic obstruction is to be expected here for car traffic.

At the Sunday (7.5.) is then the Access from Südwall to Hansastraße blocked, Hansastraße is part of the “Dortbunt” event area. A diversion via Hövelstraße and Kuhstraße has been set up to access the multi-storey car parks at the Stadttheater and Hansaplatz.

In general, the recommendation for partying in the city is to travel by public transport. With the central Stadtbahn stops Stadtgarten Kampstraße and Reinholdkirche you are right in the middle of the action.

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