Zambia ends death penalty, zero-interest loans for Black homebuyers, cellular glue healing wounds

Lusaka, Zambia

In today’s edition of Squirrel News we have stories on the end of the death penalty in Zambia, no interest on loans for Black homebuyers, and a glue that adheres cells together to heal wounds.

Death penalty and criminal defamation abolished in Zambia

Following on from twenty-four other African nations, Zambia has now abolished the death penalty for all crimes.

Source: Premium Times Nigeria

‘This is not charity’: A congregation attempts reparations

A San Francisco Bay Area loan program called the Black Wealth Builders Fund provides low-to-moderate-income homebuyers in black neighborhoods with zero-interest loans to cover the down payment on their first home.

Source: Prism Reports

British universities offer education to Afghan women to counter Taliban rules

These universities have announced free education to Afghani women until the Taliban lift their ban on education for females in Afghanistan.

Source: The National News

Adhesive at a cellular level that heals nerves and tissue

A new development in regenerative medicine has created a cellular ‘glue’ that could not only heal injuries, but regrow nerve cells and tissue.

Source: Good News Network

Solar panels blending with ancient architecture in Pompeii

An Italian firm has been solving the issue of solar panels ruining the look of historical buildings, disguising the panels as ancient Roman tiles.

Source: Techxplore

American government working to get rid of high cost of prison phone calls

Touted as a predatory prison practice, the phone call system will be given to the Federal Communications Commission to regulate and get rid of extortive costs once the President signs off on the new law.

Source: The Verge

Assam’s strict and no-messing policy on poaching sees success

Since the birth of the dedicated task force to counter poaching in the Indian state of Assam, many arrests of poachers were made and a milestone zero cases of rhino poaching after twenty years achieved.

Source: Deccan Herald

French artist changes city decay into colorful mosaic

Bringing a splash of color and art to the city, this incognito artist is filling cracks and potholes with imaginative works in an effort to brighten up the landscape and make the streets safer for pedestrians.

Source: positive news

Homes for the homeless and rewards for sobering-up

New schemes that offer homeless people a roof over their heads and reward their efforts to better themselves are seeing success in England, Belgium and the US.

Source: BBC

Five million trees for Senegal, one man’s ambition

A man in Senegal has tasked himself with planting five million trees over the next five years.

Source: BBC

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