Zero girls in Hawaii’s prison, helping moms to become MPs, first US diplomat for plants and animals

Mountain and city in Hawaii, United States

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Hawaii has managed to reduce the number of its imprisoned to zero, a UK project supports mothers to stand for public office, and the US government appoints its first diplomat for plants and animals.

How Hawaii reduced its population of girls in prison to zero

While a decade ago more than 100 girls were imprisoned on the island’s only youth facility, now thanks to Mark Patterson, the facility’s administrator, no female minors are detained.

Source: NBC News

‘The voices you’re not hearing’: the project helping mums to become MPs

MotherRED gives grants and support to 50 women who commit to family-friendly policies, to stand for public office.

Source: The Guardian

First US diplomat for plants and animals

Monica Medina has been appointed the first US diplomat for plants and animals, a position designed to address the connection between biodiversity loss and global instability.

Source: Washington Post

Australia plans to set aside 30% of its land mass to protect endangered species

Australia has lost more mammal species than any other continent. Now Environment Minister, Tanya Pilbersek declared that the country will set aside at least 30% of its land mass for conservation in a bid to protect plants and animals.

Source: Reuters

Slovenia becomes the first country in East Europe to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption

On Tuesday, the government of Slovenia amended the law to not only allow same-sex marriage but also adoption through couples, marking a milestone for LGBT+ communities in the region.

Source: Euronews

California companies will soon start to disclose pay ranges on job ads

Due to a new transparency bill signed by California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, job-seekers will soon see salary ranges on job postings.

Source: CNBC

Californian street vendors’ successful campaign to make street food legal

Following years of campaigning using ‘strategic activism’, these street vendors have managed to convince the state to give their industry new rights, breathing life back into it.

Source: Next City

Local electric transport companies are working to fill gaps in black neighborhoods

These Chicago-based Black-led organizations are working towards increasing the services provided to mostly Black neighborhoods, which mainstream services fail to do.

Source: Next City

The coffee business that provides mental health support

A Japan-based couple launched a café to rethink the way we deal with social problems such as addiction, gambling, and homelessness.

Source: Japan Times

How techno raves in bombed-out buildings help rebuild destroyed towns in Ukraine

In Ukrainian villages like Yahidne, volunteers gather and grab shovels to fix up destroyed buildings while dancing to techno music.

Source: positive news

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