Zero traffic deaths in Jersey City, legal protection for formerly incarcerated people, literary treasure hunts

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a town outside of NYC records zero traffic deaths on its streets, Atlanta fights impacts of incarceration with new ordinance, and an initiative takes kids on hidden book quest to encourage reading.

Jersey City records zero traffic deaths on its streets

Jersey City’s roads have not had a single traffic death for 12 months. In 2018, the city adopted Vision Zero – an international plan for traffic safety that lowers speed limits and puts pedestrian safety first.

Source: Bloomberg

Atlanta fights impacts of incarceration with new ordinance

The move comes after a year-long campaign by a grassroots nonprofit. The ordinance asserts that employers, banks and other businesses cannot legally refuse to deal with individuals because of their criminal record.

Source: Bloomberg

Farms let customers pay what they can for fresh produce

Community-supported agriculture programs offer sliding-scale shares to customers who can choose their payment level.

Source: The Guardian

US Federal Trade Commission moves to ban noncompete agreements

Employees who are bound by noncompete provisions are prohibited from taking jobs with competitors. The proposed ban could raise wages by over $300 billion annually across the economy.

Source: Business Insider

“The power of grassroots organizing”: Conservationists on track to clean up oil field

In Orange County, a nonprofit has recently completed the purchase of an oil field with the intention of transforming it into a nature preserve.

Source: Los Angeles Times

The role of Indian sugar mills in the transition to cleaner fuel

Bio-CNG, a renewable source of transport fuel from sugarcane waste, is increasingly being produced in sugar mills in sugarcane-growing states around India.

Source: Monga Bay

Phoenix nonprofit paves career path for LGBTQ+ youth

A Phoenix-based nonprofit helps young people find inclusive workplaces. The organization also teaches the youth how to effectively communicate, write resumes, and get ready for job interviews.

Source: Azcentral

AI-powered irrigation system assists Chilean farmers

Chile has been experiencing a record-breaking drought for over a decade, widening the water access gap. In the face of this so-called mega drought, Chileans have developed innovative methods for collecting and storing water.

Source: BBC

How tree planting transformed an Indian village’s environment and culture

Several households in the Indian village of Piplantri have embraced the practice of planting 111 trees for every newborn girl. The initiative has since boosted girls’ education and reduced child marriages.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

To encourage reading, initiative takes kids on hidden book quest

A literary treasure hunt trend has hit the streets of Braidwood, a town in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. Children can find books hidden in a variety of locations including parks and shop windows.

Source: ABC News

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