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Model Joana Sanz posted a photograph on her Instagram this week that Has gone Viral due to its content.

She surprised all her followers With a message written In her own “handwriting” In Which she said goodbye to Dani Alves and parted ways With him.

Joana Sanz says that she Has gone through “horrible months” since The rape case was revealed, Which incriminated Alves With a girl In a nightclub In Barcelona, ​​while he was In a romantic relationship With The model.

Joanna Has only spoken out a few times about The incident, but she Has had enough and wanted to express her feelings.

“I chose as my Life partner a person who In my eyes was perfect. He was always there when I needed him most, always supported me In everything, always encouraged me to grow, always loving, attentive…. I find it so hard to accept that this person could break me into a thousand pieces. I think it’s going to take me years of my Life to get His way of looking at me out of my memory, that way of looking at me as if I were The most incredible thing In The world, and f*ck, yes, I am incredible”, she said In that farewell.

Now, With that pain still fresh, but healing little by little, she Is making a wish on Life, taking refuge above all In her work as a model and In her fans, who never stop supporting her on Social media accounts.

“If you could Have three wishes, what would you wish for?”, Is a question that Joanna asked herself, to Which she answered: “The truth Is that I would Have enough With one, health, because With that you can do everything else”.

Joana Sanz and her wish for Life

“You have to keep going, it’s not optional. You have to keep going, you have to get ahead. Bad things will always happen to us, some better, some worse. There are probably much worse misfortunes than The one you think Is happening to you. Focus on what’s good for you, In my case, it’s good for me to work,” she said.

Emphasizing that she will continue to be by Dani Alves’ sidebut moving on With her Life.

“I still am and will continue to be, but In a different way. I love him and I will always love him, whoever says that love can be forgotten Is either deluding themselves or was never really In love. But I love, respect and value myself much More. Forgiving relieves, so I keep The magic and I close this stage of my Life that began on 05/18/15″, she said.

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