Paths to the platforms at the train station in Dorsten are changing again

Railroad station
Construction site

This way to the tracks will be closed for the next day.
This way to the tracks will be closed for the next day. © Michael Klein

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The driveway from Vestische Allee is paved – new commuter parking spaces have also been created there. The steps of the stairs to Gelsenkirchener Straße at the back are set. But what is most obvious is that the forecourt on the west side of the listed building has also taken on shape over the past few days and weeks. There is no question: the conversion around the Dorsten train station is making a lot of progress.

And since the barrier-free ramps are now to be built in the southern area of ​​the construction site – where the tunnel on the city side used to be and has now been demolished – the train commuters have to be prepared again for the fact that the routes to and from the tracks will change .

construction work
The barrier-free ramps are now being built on the south side of the station.© Michael Klein

“The central access, which leads directly over the pedestrian bridge from the city center over the station forecourt to the platforms, will be reopened,” the city administration announced. Means: There is a real premiere. The now completely paved station forecourt with the new dominant playground equipment in the middle will be released in the next few days and can then be used for the first time – according to the city, this will be the case by the end of the week.

Forecourt of the train station
The central main path across the new forecourt to the platforms will be released at the end of the week.© Michael Klein

Commuters and other station users can reach platforms 2 and 5 via the forecourt and platform 1 via the stairs and tunnel. Platform 1 is still barrier-free in this construction phase only via Vestische Allee and Gelsenkirchener Straße.

This is what the new route looks like.
This is what the new route looks like.© City of Dorsten

“At the same time, platforms 3 and 4 can now only be reached via the path around the reception building”. Means: Due to the forthcoming ramp work there, the previous access to platforms 3 and 4 on the Media Markt side will be closed.

Signage will be renewed

The city of Dorsten is now building, among other things, ramps and access points with a lower incline, which can be used more easily by disabled people in particular. “The city will also address justified criticism of the existing signage from citizens and will renew and improve the signage in the coming days to make it easier to find your way around the station,” it says. The end of the construction work and the opening of the building to the “Bürgerbahnhof” are planned for autumn.

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