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Strike: 40 Gifhorners at the Verdi demo in Hanover

Updated: 03/23/2023, 09:20

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Clear announcement: 40 employees of the Gifhorn district administration showed the flag at the Verdi rally in Hanover.

Clear announcement: 40 employees of the Gifhorn district administration showed the flag at the Verdi rally in Hanover.

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This is how the strike in the public sector affected the district of Gifhorn. People are taking to the streets for these demands.

Employees of the Gifhorn district administration showed in the tough wage dispute for more money against them inflation Flag. They went with colleagues from the district adult education center and from the combined communities of Brome and Boldecker Land mass rally of the Verdi union in Hanover.

According to the head of the staff council, Stefan Hölter, it is about the women and men Appreciation their work for the citizens. And they see one income gap between public service and private sector. That’s why they insist on a wage increase of at least 500 euros. In many professions, the required 10.5 percent more alone don’t matter that much.

Overall, the effects of the strike day in the public sector remained manageable across the district on Wednesday. A branch of the Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg was closed in Isenbüttel, and childcare was impaired in the joint municipality of Boldecker Land.

In Weyhausen he had hoard ceased operation. The Day care center in Weyhausen has reduced operations. The Tappenbeck crib has a emergency cast until 12 p.m. and the container crèche in Tappenbeck is also closed. This is reported by Anne-Kathrin Schulze, press spokeswoman for the joint municipality of Boldecker Land. The unionized professionals participate in the demonstrations it was said.

No impairments in the joint municipal administrations of Papenteich and Isenbüttel

The Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg, a public bank, was also affected by the strike. Eike Fromhage, an employee in the Communications and Marketing department, spoke of restrictions. “This applies to telephone accessibility, as well as the Isenbüttel branch and the real estate center in Gifhorn, which are closed at short notice.” He was unable to provide information on the number of strikers. Customers were informed via social networks, via the Internet branch and with notices on site and with a corresponding message when they called. “Our self-service areas and online banking are available without restrictions. We are also informing that customers can contact our central hotline 116 116 to block their cards and/or online banking,” says Fromhage.

At the community paper pond there are no impairments due to the strike today, reported the mayor of the joint municipality Ines Kielhorn. However, she pointed out that in the Papenteich the municipalities were responsible for the day-care centers. “We have no restrictions,” explained Cosima François, head of administration in the municipality of Schwülper. The day-care centers are managed by the DRK, which has its own collective bargaining agreement, and by the registered association Kinderzentrum Pusteblume, which is based on the collective bargaining agreement for the public sector when it comes to payment, but is not directly subject to it.

Isenbüttel’s joint municipality mayor Jannis Gauss was not aware of the possible impact of strikes in his community. Things also remained quiet in the joint municipality of Brome. “We don’t have any strikers,” reported joint municipality mayor Wieland Bartels. The Gifhorn city administration said in the morning: “We are not aware that there should be a strike here,” said press spokeswoman Annette Siemer. Only in the district administration did some employees stop working to go to the demo in Hanover.

The strike is not an issue at the Transport company district of Gifhorn (VLG). “There are currently no bus strikes in the Gifhorn district, neither at the VLG nor at the lines of Bishop Brauner, VB Bachstein or the subcontractors commissioned,” reported the managing director Stephen Heidenreich. The VLG and the VLG-owned subsidiaries GVB and KVB drive according to their own collective bargaining agreement or a general collective bargaining agreement that was concluded between the Lower Saxony Transport Industry (GVN) and the GÖD trade union.

Five doctors went on strike at Gifhorn’s Helios Clinic on Tuesday after corporate taxes. “The care of our patients was secured for the duration of the strike. We are not aware of any impairments,” said Helios spokeswoman Lisa Iffland.

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